Storm Damage Insurance work

Insurance works & Storm damage- we perform ‘Make Safes’ for commercial, government, building companies and domestic clients. ‘Make Safes’ are a priority or emergency works which include;

-fallen trees on buildings and structures

-sections of trees that have failed and will or have impacted a building or structure

-trees that are unstable which may fail or cause damage in some way.

All of our works are recorded by documentation including cost structure, before and after photos, customer feedback forms and live liaising with the client.

We are the frontline and we make the insurance companies look GOOD as our promptness and professionalism is the best!

Essentially ‘Make Safe’s’ are just that, to make a tree or situation SAFE!

Treesafe Australia give top priority to make safes as it is often affecting, has affected or could affect the insured or home owner in some manner.

TSA has been there in catastrophic weather events and understand the shock, despair and the Unknown that the people who have experienced these brutal events have been through. We are often one of the first professionals on site after these events and do whatever possible to make the situation better or easier.

We also make safe building structures after the tree(s) are made safe and will tarp areas which could be affected by rain.

We make trees safe and bring control to a chaotic situation.