TREE SURGERY- What is it?

Well the thesaurus defines tree surgery as- Treatment of diseased or damaged trees, as by pruning or bracing branches. A Tree Surgeon is a noun with a description as-a specialist in treating damaged trees. An ARBORIST now is a more accurate and commonly used term.These descriptions are a somewhat accurate but basic description. Basically a tree surgeon is someone who practices tree surgery and this can only be done by someone who is trained and experienced and understands a trees bio mechanics, physical properties, characteristics as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of tree biology.

Sounds complex? Well it can be but this is why you don’t need to understand all of this but engage a company who does. Treesafe Australia Pty Ltd employs only certified arborists who are trained In the trade of arboriculture. A tree can be a significant part of a property or area with great amenity, having proper trained advice and tree works performed by qualified Tree Surgeons can be priceless.

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