What is stump grinding? This is the process where a machine with a heavy disc covered in tungsten teeth is driven by a motor and chews or ‘grinds’ into a stump turning it into woodchip. This process continues until the desired depth is reached. Our machines can reach a depth up to 1000mm! Stump grinding means you can plant/replant trees exactly where the previous stump was ground. Not only this but the grinding of the stump creates a mixture of soil and mulch often allowing for a fantastic planting medium.

Stump grinding may be required to remove unwanted obstacles for mowing or to remove food for termites around a house or yard. In the case of grinding for termites, if it is known that there is a termite nest within/under the stump thein it should be treated by a licensed pest controller prior to grinding. Why? Well grinding will create the termites to disperse and locate an alternative nest site/food source; this may be your house! We can organise pest treatments prior to any grinding to make the process easier for you.

We have different size machines for different job requirements. If there is poor access (steps only access through house or unit etc) then we have a grinder which can be hand carried. On the opposing end of the scale we have a machine that can grind the biggest of stumps. In fact we can perform stump removal for house sites as our large machine will grind out the stump to a depth that goes beyond the size of the rootball and is generally more affordable than excavation and dumping fees.

Our mid size stump grinder will fit through a standard 700mm gate. This is a good all round size for a standard residential yard and can get quite close to most structures.

Limitations: Yes unfortunately every machine has its limitations. The main limitations are structures against or around the stump such as concrete or large rocks. These items will damage the tungsten teeth as well as the pockets that hold the teeth due to the high RPM in which the teeth strike the stump/structure.

Distance to structures; we can get close but if there is a fence or building, garden edging etc, this may mean the entire stump may not be able to be ground. We can get close but we do not want to damage any of your property.

Underground services; we have heard many many times that there is nothing in this area or what is there is down a certain depth. We perform checks with Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) prior to works to ensure the safety of our operators and convenience to the client. Our operators will advise of any limitations when providing a free quote or when discussing the works with the client.

Our plant operators are all qualified to operate the stump grinders and we have full SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements). We also make sure screens and guards are used to ensure debris doesn’t end up everywhere as well as providing a safety barrier for people pets and property.

Our clean up is second to none as we rake up, blow off and make sure the client is happy prior to leaving the site. Often after a stump is ground out there is a mound of soil and mulch left in its place. This is great for the gardens or if left as is, will settle over coming months as the ground has been de-compacted in this area. We can also remove any grindings from site, backfill the hole with soil and turf the area if required. Just ask and we can do it.

A stump grinding service to trust

We have all of the machinery and tools needed to carry out an effective stump grinding service, so if this is what you need, you can count on us to deliver it. Contact the team today for a free, no obligation quotation.

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Customer Testimonials
Thanks again for both your prompt response for the quote and the swift resolution of the job. Definite thumbs up and compliments to your work force - they are professional and excellent at what they do. I would give Tree Safe Sunshine Coast a score of 11 out of ten, since ten is slightly inadequate.
Kerry Baker
KBR has used the services of Tree Safe Australia for a number of tree removal and trimming jobs. During this time we have been very happy with their knowledge in relation to the safe and effective removal of trees, especially those trees that have posed a safety risk to our rental properties and tenants. Their professionalism and prompt communication has made the whole process a breeze.
Doug WatermanKBR Property Sales and Management
Would not hesitate to call again / refer to others.
I am very happy with the service and you were recommended by a friend. I will have to let her know what a great job was done. Again thank you
A job executed very efficiently. Many thanks for a job executed very efficiently by Andrew David and John Cheers and all the best for Christmas and New Year
Rhonda Covey
Dear Wayne,On behalf of the President and Members of the St Vincent de Paul's Sunshine Coast Housing Management Housing Committee, Ecologist & tenants of Mary MacKillop Village, I wish to thank you and your team for the professional and efficient way you carried out the tree removal at MacKillop Village in Nambour. Expressions of praise came from all quarters and we are so grateful.
I would like to thank you for actioning the tree removal request by us at our property. It has made a huge difference to our property as we no longer have large branches and sticks falling in the yard and on our house. We also feel that our kids are much safer to play outside as well. The team from Treesafe did a great job with minimal damage to our gardens and yard especially considering we had nearly 200mm of rain a few days before they did the job. Thank you again as it is greatly appreciated.
Troy and Katie Atkinson
Great Job - Very Happy Customer.
Always on time! A very well organised company that consistently provides great service.
PeterMorgan Building Services