Need professional Aboricultural advice?

Treesafe Australia offers qualified advice such as;

-should my tree be pruned or removed’

-can I transplant this tree?

-is my tree sick?

-how will the removal of my tree affect the rest of the garden?

-will council allow this tree to be removed?

-will the stump regrow do I need to poison it?

-can this tree be removed without damaging my garden?

-How can I make this tree safe?

-how can I stop the tree roots from damaging my or my neighbours property?

-how much will my tree removal cost?

-how much will my tree pruning cost?

-how much does an Arborist report cost?

All of TSA staff are qualified in arboriculture and have years of experience in everything to do with trees.

General advice is often part of our free quoting experience for clients but for more detailed advice booking in for an arborist brief could help you considerably. Our costs to cover the Arborists time and expertise varies depending on the circumstances and the time required.

Ask us while on site!