Treesafe Australia has been providing professional tree services on the Sunshine Coast for fifteen years and is well known tree removal for promptness, reliability and high quality workmanship.

Success of our business is largely due to our continued commitment to education in arboriculture among all staff members, and staying ahead of the curve as new tree care techniques and products are developed and brought to market. The fact that we enjoy what we do helps greatly too.

It is our goal to educate our clients in the proper care for trees whilst providing the highest quality of professional advice, workmanship & customer service. We have this balanced well.

Our tree service is second to none, ensuring repeat business and positive customer experiences.

Our Commitment to Safety…for us and for you.

Treesafe Australia is committed to meeting and maintaining the highest level of health and safety standards within the working environment. All work procedures are aligned with current industry standards and practices and meet the requirements of all regulatory authority acts and regulations. Our experienced team consists of qualified Arborists and professional qualified climbers as well as certified & experienced ground staff and machinery operators. We have full insurance coverage, and are OH&S compliant.

  • We are quality assured and externally audited
  • Compliant for all Government contracts
  • $20 million Public liability Insurance
  • Contact us for our OH&S Policy


Being an environmentally friendly company it is our policy to protect the vegetation environment through staff training, implemented procedures and a proactive approach to maintaining a high standard of plant and equipment maintenance. All re-usable by-products from our operations are 100% recycled. We focus on leaving the smallest footprint possible. We encourage clients to re plant and promote plant/tree health. Treesafe Australia Pty Ltd volunteers their time to participate in tree planting days, community events and industry training events as well as sponsorship of such events. Treesafe Australia’s staff is trained and qualified Arborists. This assists in providing valuable tree maintenance and sustainable advice to clients, councils and government bodies. All staff is aware of our environmental policy and are encouraged to implement this daily in any given task.

Environment is a word with big meaning. Without thought of the environment we would all struggle with daily issues. What does environment mean to Treesafe Australia Pty Ltd? It means our livelihood! It is a part of our everyday life, our passion and our responsibility.

The actions we take and make everyday not only affects us but also the impact on the environment. This is why we have, review and follow an Environmental Policy. These policies are all too often words that are there just to fulfil a legislative requirement (are you thinking politicians?). To us this is what we need to incorporate into our every work day. The world and environment is changing fast and we must change with it to support the environment.

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